These were photographed and
emailed to me.


Despite a late call for entries and absolutely miserable prizes, this year's First Annual Achewood Halloween Costume Contest managed to generate a surprising number of photographs of men in thong underwear. This is definitely not what I wanted to occur, but that's what makes my job worth doing, you know — bad surprises.

Here, however, are the good surprises:

First Place: Elise, Maine.

Concept: Wearing Ray-style newspaper suit, playing saw, on tailgate of Volvo of Despair.

This photograph has at least
three concepts.

Judge's Comments: There were many well-executed costumes, but the bar was raised by contestants who combined themes. Here we have a Ray/Cartilage Head/Volvo of Despair trinity... be careful, Elise: you are about to get hyper-Googled by over thirty thousand male readers. I omitted your hometown as a favor.

Second Place: Brian, Cleveland, Ohio.

Concept: Lie Bot / Lie Bot's Ass

Great use of
materials for creating the head.

Judge's Comments: Loving craftsmanship always shows, and no one knows that better than the artisans who make fake robot bodies out of Dell Inspiron notebook shipping boxes and stolen foodservice foil. Did the head require a trip to Home Depot? Probably. Did the weird puffy white hands require a trip to the costume shop? Almost definitely, unless the contestant is on some sort of weird "hands problem" scholarship.

Who else entered? Here is a collage of a few of our favorites. I want the guy who dressed as Notorious L.I.N.C.O.L.N. to know that he was extremely considered.

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