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Books    E-Reader and print-ready PDF format!
The Achewood Cookbook, 2003
Cookbook, 59pp - $8 NEW Download Now!
Man Why You Even Got To Do A Thing - 'zines by Roast Beef
Zine One, 24pp - $3 Download Now!
Zine Two, 24pp - $3 NEW Download Now!
Zine Three, 24pp - $3 NEW Download Now!
Zine Four, 24pp Coming soon  
Zine Five, 24pp Coming soon  
Zine Six, 24pp - $3 Download Now!
Zine Seven, 24pp Coming soon  
Achewood Blog Compilations
Ray Smuckles - Collected Blogs, 250pp - $6 NEW Download Now!
Cornelius Bear's Collected Blogs, 128pp - $4 Download Now!
Nice Pete's Collected Blogs, 45pp - $4 Download Now!
Collected Blogs, July 2004, Volume One, 116pp - $6 Download Now!
The Peter H. "Nice Pete" Cropes Library
Nice Pete's A Hilarious Comedy, 21pp - $3 Download Now!
Nice Pete's A Wonderful Tale, 24pp Download Now!
Nice Pete's A Marvelous Romance, 24pp Coming soon  
Uncategorizable Oddities
Print-Only Rarities, 79pp - $5 NEW Download Now!
Collected Ray's Place, 178pp - $6 Download Now!
Current Baby Status, 29pp - $3 Download Now!
The chapbooks are Shrigley-esque personal sketchbooks kept during my hiatus.
Chapbook One, 57pp - $3 Download Now!
Chapbook Two, 40pp - $3 Download Now!
Chapbook Three, 83pp - $3 Download Now!
Chapbook Four, 48pp - $3 Download Now!
Chapbook Five, 45pp - $3 Download Now!
Chapbook Six, 50pp - $3 Download Now!
Chapbook Seven, 18pp - $3 NEW Download Now!
Chapbook Eight, 30pp - $3 NEW Download Now!
Chapbook Nine, 83pp Coming soon  
Chapbook Ten, 83pp Coming soon  
Chapbook Eleven, 83pp Coming soon  
Strips    Scalable, print-ready PDF format!
Ray Gets Sort of Stoned - $3 (original) Download Now!
Comic Sans - $3 (original) Download Now!
Roast Beef Decision-Making Flowchart - $3 (original) Download Now!
Ray Decision-Making Flowchart - $3 (original) Download Now!
Roast Beef Buries Shirt - $3 (original) Download Now!
Posters    Scalable, print-ready PDF format!
Great Outdoor Fight 1924, 12" x 18" - $6 Download Now!
Great Outdoor Fight 1943, 12" x 18" - $6 Download Now!
Great Outdoor Fight 1957, 12" x 18" - $6 Download Now!
Great Outdoor Fight 1969, 12" x 18" - $6 Download Now!
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