Achewood Archived Edition
Hardcore Old-School Achewood Content Be Ahead

What you get when you subscribe:

  • New author annotations on most pieces
  • Approximately twenty double-sized, full-color Achewood comics
  • Early blueprint of the 62 Achewood Court house
  • The Lyle Drinking Games (Achewood trivia board games)
  • The full-color, original map of the Achewood neighborhood, as conceived in 2002
  • The Story of Achewood: a written overview of Téodor's first day moving into the house
  • Seven long subscriber-only blog-type entries by Ray
  • The entire Nate Small novella, formatted in old Hardy Boys book style
  • Eighteen scans from Chris's sketchbooks, including the geneses of several seminal strips
  • …more!


Newly annotated!


Consisting of seventy-six mixed format installments, this was the only subscription-based Achewood content ever offered. These pieces appeared regularly at Serializer between 2002-2004. A few pieces have appeared in the Achewood print collections, but the bulk of them have not been available to the public in years. $12 gets you a full year of access… and there's a lot to read. None of this content appears on

76 installments for only $12… that's less than sixteen cents each.

Thought of another way, that's one buck a month.

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