October 2001

Monday, Oct 1
Philippe is standing on it
Tuesday, Oct 2
Téodor's birthday presents
Wednesday, Oct 3
The new catalog has arrived
Thursday, Oct 4
Who ate my 'shrooms?
Friday, Oct 5
A call to Modemtown
Monday, Oct 8
Someone is at the door
Tuesday, Oct 9
Achewood ca. 1902
Wednesday, Oct 10
Thursday, Oct 11
Philippe has a Walkman
Friday, Oct 12
Lie Bot
Monday, Oct 15
Philippe's mouth
Tuesday, Oct 16
The backyard gig
Wednesday, Oct 17
Téodor in the chat room
Thursday, Oct 18
Guest-starring Lyle
Friday, Oct 19
That's how the Internet works
Monday, Oct 22
Liquor Cabinet Taste Test
Tuesday, Oct 23
A Curious Therapy
Wednesday, Oct 24
Lie Bot redux - A Visitor
Thursday, Oct 25
The miniature golf hole
Friday, Oct 26
A discussion on AIDS
Monday, Oct 29
The Web Designer
Tuesday, Oct 30
Lie Bot's Shoes
Wednesday, Oct 31

November 2001

Thursday, Nov 1
A question of female anatomy
Friday, Nov 2
Sick in bed all day
Monday, Nov 5
Lie Bot, what is the saddest thing
Tuesday, Nov 6
Ordering a pizza
Wednesday, Nov 7
Orange creamsicle alcohol drink
Thursday, Nov 8
Friday, Nov 9
Antiques Road Show
Monday, Nov 12
The Humans Show
Tuesday, Nov 13
He is strange in his sleep
Wednesday, Nov 14
Todd the Squirrel
Thursday, Nov 15
International relations primer
Friday, Nov 16
Téodor has met a girl!
Monday, Nov 19
Tuesday, Nov 20
Todd the Squirrel: Prayers
Wednesday, Nov 21
Todd's new van
Thursday, Nov 22
A terrible Thanksgiving
Friday, Nov 23
Monday, Nov 26
Three's company
Tuesday, Nov 27
Replacement Characters
Wednesday, Nov 28
Thursday, Nov 29
Friday, Nov 30
Starting the old car

December 2001

Monday, Dec 3
I'm deformed
Tuesday, Dec 4
Silk Robe
Wednesday, Dec 5
A change of operating systems
Thursday, Dec 6
Todd; open mic nite
Friday, Dec 7
Cutlery ads; bourbon
Monday, Dec 10
Bloopers and outtakes
Tuesday, Dec 11
Dreams of good people
Wednesday, Dec 12
I am too drunk to drive
Thursday, Dec 13
Gearbox Symphony
Friday, Dec 14
An issue of cussing
Monday, Dec 17
Mousse/She's getting closer
Tuesday, Dec 18
A dangerously good haircut
Wednesday, Dec 19
Waiting for Penny
Thursday, Dec 20
Lyle's pensive morning moment
Friday, Dec 21
Monday, Dec 24
The Afterlife
Tuesday, Dec 25
Merry Christmas With Teodor
Wednesday, Dec 26
The unfinished strip
Thursday, Dec 27
Belated Christmas strip
Friday, Dec 28
Old home movies
Monday, Dec 31
New Years' Eve with Mr. Bear

January 2002

Wednesday, Jan 2
I Love My Fat Son
Thursday, Jan 3
There is a snake in the yard
Friday, Jan 4
Hand-held fan
Monday, Jan 7
We attempt a knock-knock joke!
Tuesday, Jan 8
Kung Foo
Wednesday, Jan 9
Van Practice
Thursday, Jan 10
The dirtiest dudes in town
Friday, Jan 11
Chillin' by the window
Monday, Jan 14
Dirty-talk montage
Tuesday, Jan 15
At Ray's crib
Wednesday, Jan 16
Ketel One
Thursday, Jan 17
Téodor's dream
Friday, Jan 18
Cutting Room Floor #1
Monday, Jan 21
Mr. Smuckles is missing
Tuesday, Jan 22
Brain practice
Wednesday, Jan 23
The terrible fear
Thursday, Jan 24
Man, it was a only vasectomy
Friday, Jan 25
Hey, you're the best!
Monday, Jan 28
We're into education now.
Tuesday, Jan 29
Philippe's mom phones
Wednesday, Jan 30
Political cartoonists are all hacks
Thursday, Jan 31
Ray's problem in the kitchen

February 2002

Friday, Feb 1
Todd's natural enemy
Monday, Feb 4
french fry
Tuesday, Feb 5
french fry - big dreams
Wednesday, Feb 6
french fry - more dreams
Thursday, Feb 7
french fry - new pants
Friday, Feb 8
french fry - aid
Monday, Feb 11
Color Monday!
Tuesday, Feb 12
Ordering pizza in English
Wednesday, Feb 13
Pork Chops
Thursday, Feb 14
Today was a re-run.
Friday, Feb 15
An ad
Tuesday, Feb 19
Lie Bot: Civic Infrastructure
Wednesday, Feb 20
eBay shopper: Let's Slam!
Thursday, Feb 21
Neatest person in Heaven
Friday, Feb 22
Who will yell at God
Monday, Feb 25
Lie Bot in the garage
Tuesday, Feb 26
Wednesday, Feb 27
Pat is mad with Ray
Thursday, Feb 28
Lyle is not impressed with Todd's saxophone music

March 2002

Friday, Mar 1
Tina's Birthday
Monday, Mar 4
Todd's theft from Ray
Tuesday, Mar 5
A glimpse inside Ray's Place
Wednesday, Mar 6
A fee!
Thursday, Mar 7
Todd's theft / the baby clothes
Friday, Mar 8
Hell Yes I'm telling you about some Latin shit!
Monday, Mar 11
Is it a lie? Or is it an ass?
Tuesday, Mar 12
The Party: Day I
Wednesday, Mar 13
The Party: Day II
Thursday, Mar 14
The Party: Day III
Friday, Mar 15
The Party: Day IV
Monday, Mar 18
The Party: Day V
Tuesday, Mar 19
The Party: Day VI
Wednesday, Mar 20
The Party: Day VII
Thursday, Mar 21
The Party: Day VIII
Friday, Mar 22
The Party: Day IX
Monday, Mar 25
The Party: Day X
Tuesday, Mar 26
The Party: Day XI
Wednesday, Mar 27
The Party: Day XII: Names
Thursday, Mar 28
The Party: Day XIII: Dancing
Friday, Mar 29
The Party: Day XIV: Lie Bot's Friends

April 2002

Monday, Apr 1
The Party: Day XV
Tuesday, Apr 2
The Party: Day XVI: Vlad
Wednesday, Apr 3
The Party: Day XVII: Hope Springs Eternal
Thursday, Apr 4
The Party: Day XVIII: Little Nephew
Friday, Apr 5
The Party: Day XIX: Chucklebot News
Monday, Apr 8
The Party: Day XX: man-to-man
Tuesday, Apr 9
The Party: Day XXI: Things are coming to a head
Wednesday, Apr 10
The Party: Day XXII: No is Philippe. Is Vlad.
Thursday, Apr 11
Until you are SO nude
Friday, Apr 12
The Party: Day XXIV: Blood Beagle
Monday, Apr 15
The Party: Day XXV: Todd is Faded
Tuesday, Apr 16
The Party: Day XXVI: Closing up
Wednesday, Apr 17
Thursday, Apr 18
Yelling at Ray
Friday, Apr 19
Tapes from Philippe's Mom
Monday, Apr 22
Roast Beef's Birthday
Tuesday, Apr 23
Kicking the Basketball
Wednesday, Apr 24
Ray and the Motorcycle
Thursday, Apr 25
En Espanol
Friday, Apr 26
Auf Deutsch
Monday, Apr 29
Todd's License Plate Frame

May 2002

Wednesday, May 1
Shove it!
Thursday, May 2
A Lie Bot strip
Friday, May 3
Chatting with a friend
Monday, May 6
Sports News
Tuesday, May 7
Breakfast in Bed
Wednesday, May 8
Computer Programming
Thursday, May 9
The Startup Company: Day II
Friday, May 10
The Startup Company: cold-calls
Monday, May 13
Tuesday, May 14
Ray as the unwitting QA director
Wednesday, May 15
Workplace tendencies
Thursday, May 16
Friday, May 17
No Porno! Wait. Some Porno.
Monday, May 20
In Debt
Tuesday, May 21
Only one way out...
Wednesday, May 22
Who the hell is that
Thursday, May 23
We'll answer that question tomorrow
Tuesday, May 28
Lyle's new video game
Wednesday, May 29
The Making Of
Thursday, May 30
If I Owned a Bottle
Friday, May 31
Follow Me

June 2002

Monday, Jun 3
Your teeth seem sharp
Tuesday, Jun 4
Pat's Hat
Wednesday, Jun 5
Thursday, Jun 6
Bad Chimichangas
Friday, Jun 7
Hat week draws to a close
Monday, Jun 10
Philippe's New Shoes
Tuesday, Jun 11
Roast Beef is Handsome
Wednesday, Jun 12
Many Opinions on Water
Thursday, Jun 13
Friday, Jun 14
Birthday party for Onstad
Monday, Jun 17
Ray's Brew Pub
Thursday, Jun 20
The Rocket Ship
Friday, Jun 21
Approaching Moon
Monday, Jun 24
Approaching Moon even closer
Tuesday, Jun 25
Roast Beef on the Moon
Wednesday, Jun 26
Roast Beef Sometimes
Thursday, Jun 27
Ray's Soliloquy
Friday, Jun 28
A simple question of rad

July 2002

Monday, Jul 8
Deep Space Transmission
Tuesday, Jul 9
Maybe this scheme?
Wednesday, Jul 10
Sandwich Humour
Thursday, Jul 11
I saw your junk and liked it
Friday, Jul 12
Re-install the app in Safe Mode
Monday, Jul 15
Book Week Begins!
Wednesday, Jul 17
Two strips today! Both with Vlad.
Thursday, Jul 18
Variation on a special theme
Monday, Jul 22
Book Week Continues!
Tuesday, Jul 23
Now what's with all this Billy Idol
Wednesday, Jul 24
You can't just call it a bicycle
Friday, Jul 26
Monday, Jul 29
Meeting Tina

August 2002

Thursday, Aug 1
There Is Always Something There/It's My Mom
Friday, Aug 2
Thick As A Brick
Monday, Aug 5
Cussing redux
Tuesday, Aug 6
College #
Wednesday, Aug 7
I actually got one of these between some pancakes once
Thursday, Aug 8
Someone at the door II
Friday, Aug 9
Letters from the Earth
Monday, Aug 12
The Self-Dramatic Otter
Tuesday, Aug 13
More Frenchin'
Wednesday, Aug 14
Philippe's Nightmare Night
Thursday, Aug 15
Wakin' up with Chucklebot
Friday, Aug 16
cyber punk
Monday, Aug 19
I am wissin'
Tuesday, Aug 20
The "Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk" Guidebook Series
Wednesday, Aug 21
Captain Beefheart Flashes Back
Thursday, Aug 22
Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk day II
Friday, Aug 23
Really stepping in shit with the Guidebook

September 2002

Monday, Sep 9
We lookin' at hella porno
Tuesday, Sep 10
The Materials We Discussed
Wednesday, Sep 11
You just gonna lie to me
Thursday, Sep 12
Friday, Sep 13
Beef gets bent
Monday, Sep 16
Tuesday, Sep 17
Out of the O.R.
Wednesday, Sep 18
Consoled by Philippe
Thursday, Sep 19
Under Philippe's Wing
Friday, Sep 20
Monday, Sep 23
Code Levels of Dating Beef
Wednesday, Sep 25
Heated Up Mary
Thursday, Sep 26
Self-Tempering Fat
Friday, Sep 27
Ray cuts own hand
Monday, Sep 30

October 2002

Tuesday, Oct 1
The Ad Agency, Day 2
Wednesday, Oct 2
Flower Lesson
Thursday, Oct 3
Friday, Oct 4
Pat Reynolds
Monday, Oct 7
Philippe and the Flower
Tuesday, Oct 8
Bachelor Party
Wednesday, Oct 9
The Todd Account - a Setback
Thursday, Oct 10
Philippe's Wedding Day
Friday, Oct 11
The Terrible Cycle
Monday, Oct 14
Cost cutting
Tuesday, Oct 15
'Til death do us part
Wednesday, Oct 16
Why Didn't You Come Into Work Today
Friday, Oct 18
Monday, Oct 21
Tuesday, Oct 22
Impulsive Shirt Orderer
Wednesday, Oct 23
Chinese Water Torture
Thursday, Oct 24
Eye trick
Friday, Oct 25
Boston Market
Monday, Oct 28
Package for Philippe!
Tuesday, Oct 29
Cop Chat
Thursday, Oct 31

November 2002

Friday, Nov 1
what the HELL ultra peanut
Monday, Nov 4
Ray and the Piano
Tuesday, Nov 5
Piano Prodigy
Wednesday, Nov 6
The Demo And The Damage Done
Thursday, Nov 7
Record Contract
Friday, Nov 8
In Ray's Shadow
Monday, Nov 11
With Ultra Peanut
Tuesday, Nov 12
Todd's Gift of Hi-Five
Thursday, Nov 14
Ray's Music Video
Friday, Nov 15
Beef's Video Rewrite
Monday, Nov 18
Tuesday, Nov 19
Skyrocketing up the charts
Wednesday, Nov 20
The Sony AIBO
Thursday, Nov 21
Going Multi-Platinum
Friday, Nov 22
Party For Ray
Monday, Nov 25
'65 Ford Galaxie
Tuesday, Nov 26
Wednesday, Nov 27
Stand on it Agnes

December 2002

Monday, Dec 2
Beef's Real Name
Wednesday, Dec 4
Click Robot
Thursday, Dec 5
You Make Me Do It In My Pants :(
Monday, Dec 9
The Peppermint Honcho
Tuesday, Dec 10
Coconut Rum
Wednesday, Dec 11
McDonald's / Dancin' Santa
Friday, Dec 13
Monday, Dec 16
Tuesday, Dec 17
Thursday, Dec 19
Dirty Bills
Friday, Dec 20
Monday, Dec 23
Tuesday, Dec 24
Christmas Eve with Ray
Monday, Dec 30
Catching Up With Showbiz
Tuesday, Dec 31

January 2003

Thursday, Jan 2
Friday, Jan 3
Wall Of Tough Guys
Tuesday, Jan 7
A Dude's Stew
Wednesday, Jan 8
Philippe is Fat
Thursday, Jan 9
The Devil's Drink Book
Friday, Jan 10
Hi Grandma!
Monday, Jan 13
Fancy French Restaurant
Tuesday, Jan 14
Rockford Fosgate
Thursday, Jan 16
Goodbye Showbiz
Friday, Jan 17
Jared Is Not Tough
Tuesday, Jan 21
How Else Can Jared Die
Wednesday, Jan 22
Slim Jim
Thursday, Jan 23
Monday, Jan 27
Notorious L.I.N.C.O.L.N.
Tuesday, Jan 28
Motel Hangover
Wednesday, Jan 29
Blue Nun Widemouths
Thursday, Jan 30
Turd Murder
Friday, Jan 31
Hangover Therapy

February 2003

Tuesday, Feb 4
Asleep Style
Wednesday, Feb 5
Salad Dressing Chandelier
Thursday, Feb 6
Some Subway Would Punish
Friday, Feb 7
Six Kinds of Nasty
Monday, Feb 10
Cookbook Preview
Tuesday, Feb 11
Arms and Backs
Thursday, Feb 13
Pat's Message Board
Friday, Feb 14
Pat and Daedalus_X
Monday, Feb 17
Death Limo
Tuesday, Feb 18
Téodor's Boat
Wednesday, Feb 19
Socks In The Bed
Thursday, Feb 20
Klansman Subway
Friday, Feb 21
Matchstick Doodie
Monday, Feb 24
Death Boat
Tuesday, Feb 25
Ku Klux Messagebard
Wednesday, Feb 26
Stolen Boat
Thursday, Feb 27
Todd's Taxes

March 2003

Monday, Mar 3
Howardt Stern Show
Tuesday, Mar 4
Pat's Anger
Wednesday, Mar 5
Roast Beef in Heaven
Thursday, Mar 6
Lung Brothers
Friday, Mar 7
Drunk in Heaven
Monday, Mar 10
Dance Java Dance
Tuesday, Mar 11
Will You Be My Girlfriend Molly
Wednesday, Mar 12
Dinner Date
Thursday, Mar 13
Rooster Bake
Friday, Mar 14
Roasted-up Ding Dong
Monday, Mar 17
The Jade Ding Dong
Tuesday, Mar 18
The Six Hundred Dollar Man
Wednesday, Mar 19
Roast Beef's First Kiss
Thursday, Mar 20
The Marlboro Stinger
Friday, Mar 21
Receipt From Heaven
Monday, Mar 24
Guest artist: James Kochalka
Tuesday, Mar 25
Guest artist: K. Thor Jensen
Wednesday, Mar 26
Guest artist: Sam Henderson
Thursday, Mar 27
Guest artist: Jeff Rowland
Friday, Mar 28
Guest artist: John Allison
Monday, Mar 31
Guest artist: Drew Weing

April 2003

Tuesday, Apr 1
Guest Artist: drew
Wednesday, Apr 2
Guest Artist: Anonymous
Thursday, Apr 3
Nice Pete
Friday, Apr 4
What are you in for Nice Pete
Monday, Apr 7
Nice Pete's Raisin Schnapps
Tuesday, Apr 8
Murder, Explained
Wednesday, Apr 9
Killing is Like Basketball
Thursday, Apr 10
Visitation Hours
Monday, Apr 14
The First Piece of Porno
Tuesday, Apr 15
The Devils of Monte Carlo
Wednesday, Apr 16
Gilmore Girls
Thursday, Apr 17
Nice Pete Figures Ray Out
Friday, Apr 18
Vlad Figures Pat Out
Wednesday, Apr 23
The Mile High Club
Thursday, Apr 24
Friday, Apr 25
Wetting The Bed Forever
Monday, Apr 28
Philippe's Prayers
Tuesday, Apr 29
Mehr Deutsch
Wednesday, Apr 30
Doin' the Robot

May 2003

Friday, May 2
Fuck Algebra
Monday, May 5
Baby Just Come Clean
Tuesday, May 6
His Bozack is Flayed
Wednesday, May 7
Rhymedown 2003
Thursday, May 8
Ten Million Kids In Fedoras
Friday, May 9
Chompin' Mignon on Bellagio Lake
Monday, May 12
We TALKED about this!
Tuesday, May 13
Oregon Tail
Wednesday, May 14
Hiram the Blacksmith
Friday, May 16
Lyle and Hiram
Monday, May 19
Hiram's Codebase
Tuesday, May 20
Thursday, May 22
Laying into Garfield
Friday, May 23
Monday, May 26
Scary Go Round guest strip
Tuesday, May 27
The Dachshund Whisperer
Wednesday, May 28
Suckin' Dick - rerun
Thursday, May 29
Recipe of the Month Club
Friday, May 30
A re-run: Lie Bot's Ass

June 2003

Monday, Jun 2
Lie Bot: Saddest Thing: redux
Tuesday, Jun 3
Hyddyn Sceptyre
Wednesday, Jun 4
Wednesday Repeat: November 15, 2002
Thursday, Jun 5
Mr. Bear's Blog
Friday, Jun 6
If It's Yellow Let it Mellow
Monday, Jun 9
Ray's Rolex
Tuesday, Jun 10
Garrison Keillor / Tony Robbins
Wednesday, Jun 11
Repeat of January 30, 2003
Thursday, Jun 12
A Frank Conversation on Pornography.
Friday, Jun 13
I take the birthday off.
Monday, Jun 16
Beef Missed My Birthday
Tuesday, Jun 17
Beef's Green Card Wedding
Thursday, Jun 19
Angry Little Plum
Friday, Jun 20
Nightlife Mingus
Monday, Jun 23
Golfing With Nightlife
Tuesday, Jun 24
Beef Smokes Weed
Thursday, Jun 26
Beef is high, steals golf cart
Friday, Jun 27
runaway golf cart
Monday, Jun 30
Molly McSweeney

July 2003

Tuesday, Jul 1
Artificial Japanese Liver
Thursday, Jul 3
Long Condoms
Friday, Jul 4
European Vacation 1
Monday, Jul 7
Uses for a Large Condom
Tuesday, Jul 8
Martha Stewart's condom tips
Thursday, Jul 10
Philippe / Mozart / Honey Peanuts
Friday, Jul 11
Teodor's New Dance Move
Monday, Jul 14
Lyle Wins Oasis
Tuesday, Jul 15
Oasis Is Working In The Yard
Thursday, Jul 17
Philippe at Berlin McDonald's
Friday, Jul 18
Oasis In The Shower
Monday, Jul 21
Ray Quits The Advice Biz
Tuesday, Jul 22
Ray Rhymes About the Internet
Thursday, Jul 24
Ray's Advice Column - LIVE!
Monday, Jul 28
Straight Eye for the Beef Guy
Wednesday, Jul 30
Beef Tshirt Expose Etc

August 2003

Friday, Aug 1
Hair In Ray's Nachos
Monday, Aug 4
beef makeover tshirt etc
Wednesday, Aug 6
Vlad and Roast Beef's Window
Monday, Aug 11
Beef's Microsoft Word Ad
Wednesday, Aug 13
Weezer / iMac
Thursday, Aug 14
Neapolitan Shooter Teaser
Friday, Aug 15
The Dick Molecule
Monday, Aug 18
Beef's "Me" Day
Wednesday, Aug 20
Ray's Time Machine.
Thursday, Aug 21
Santa's Dad
Friday, Aug 22
Dressing Like Twain
Monday, Aug 25
Spring Loaded Wooden Dog
Tuesday, Aug 26
Cornelius Bear's Diary Entry
Wednesday, Aug 27
The Trouble With Ray's Entertainment Center
Thursday, Aug 28
The Dumbwaiter Redux
Friday, Aug 29
The Unwilling Voyeur

September 2003

Tuesday, Sep 2
Beef the Cocaine Genius
Wednesday, Sep 3
The Taint is often called the Impossible Mile
Thursday, Sep 4
Mark Twain and James Bond
Tuesday, Sep 9
Your Porno Name
Wednesday, Sep 10
Ketel One, Eminem, Twain Invents the Internet
Thursday, Sep 11
Coming Home / Clues
Friday, Sep 12
Hot Lunches
Monday, Sep 15
Carl: A Fallen Friend
Tuesday, Sep 16
Anarchist's Cookbook
Wednesday, Sep 17
Kmart, Lyle, and Viet Nam
Thursday, Sep 18
Don't Thank Me, Thank Anarchy
Friday, Sep 19
Electrocuting Pat's Dick
Monday, Sep 22
Pat's Dick is Electrocuted
Tuesday, Sep 23
Pat's Answering Machine
Wednesday, Sep 24
Nice Pat
Thursday, Sep 25
Hollandaise the Bunny
Friday, Sep 26
Pat Guthrie
Monday, Sep 29
Pat's Stadium Event / The Sexual Homeboys
Tuesday, Sep 30
Calling D'Shawn

October 2003

Wednesday, Oct 1
Second Anniversary
Thursday, Oct 2
Vegetable Brain the Comedian
Friday, Oct 3
Joy Buzzer
Monday, Oct 6
Day Tripper Intro
Tuesday, Oct 7
Wednesday, Oct 8
Animalicious on Acid
Thursday, Oct 9
Pat's Back
Friday, Oct 10
Lore Day One
Monday, Oct 13
Beef's Dream of Corpulence
Tuesday, Oct 14
Little Nephew's Hip-Hop Pants
Wednesday, Oct 15
Laszlo's Open Mic / Roast Beef
Thursday, Oct 16
Beef's Internet is Down
Friday, Oct 17
Chicken Allergy / Bubble Boy
Monday, Oct 20
The puberty machine has soft rubber heads
Tuesday, Oct 21
The Eye Beneath the Nacho
Wednesday, Oct 22
Nice Pete's PowerPoint Presentation
Thursday, Oct 23
Human Foot in a Salad (w/Champion Short Sock)
Friday, Oct 24
Nice Pete's Joke
Monday, Oct 27
Mom-mom had a big old weepin' eye that never closed
Tuesday, Oct 28
Japanese Interests
Wednesday, Oct 29
Téodor's father
Thursday, Oct 30
Oh No I Grew Pubics
Friday, Oct 31
Philippe Bumble-Bee Boo

November 2003

Monday, Nov 3
Super-Secret Ice Cream Parlor
Tuesday, Nov 4
Mini Cooper / Laphroaig
Wednesday, Nov 5
Arthur from Support Group
Thursday, Nov 6
On the way to the Secret Ice Cream Parlor
Friday, Nov 7
Drip Drop Drip Drop
Monday, Nov 10
Tuesday, Nov 11
Nice Pete's Lullaby
Wednesday, Nov 12
Inside the Super-Secret Ice Cream Shop
Thursday, Nov 13
Friday, Nov 14
Escape from the ice cream shop
Monday, Nov 17
Philippe's Escape
Tuesday, Nov 18
Omega Tetris
Friday, Nov 21
Deer in the Headlights
Monday, Nov 24
Tuesday, Nov 25
Tori Amos

December 2003

Monday, Dec 1
Hell's Car: Subaru Brat
Tuesday, Dec 2
The Lonesomest Car in Hell
Wednesday, Dec 3
Robert Johnson at the Best Western in Hell
Thursday, Dec 4
Brookside Lounge, Best Western, Hell
Friday, Dec 5
Robert Johnson Ocular Shenanigans
Monday, Dec 8
Drunk As a Lord in Hell
Tuesday, Dec 9
Talking Wallpaper
Wednesday, Dec 10
Butterball Hotline
Thursday, Dec 11
Butterball Hell Line
Friday, Dec 12
Beef and the Hell Phone
Monday, Dec 15
Philippe Buys Piano Music!
Tuesday, Dec 16
Beef Finds Ray in Hell
Wednesday, Dec 17
There is Balm in Gilead
Thursday, Dec 18
Shut the hell up *dick*
Friday, Dec 19
Denise Are You Crappin'
Monday, Dec 22
Meeting Todd in Hell
Tuesday, Dec 23
Friendly's Hell Riddle
Wednesday, Dec 24
Christmas Eve with Ray redux
Thursday, Dec 25
guest strip: John Allison /
Friday, Dec 26
Guest Strip by Andrice Arp /
Monday, Dec 29
Guest Strip by Jesse Reklaw
Tuesday, Dec 30
Guest Strip by Jeff Rowland /
Wednesday, Dec 31
Guest Strip by K. Thor Jensen

January 2004

Thursday, Jan 1
Guest Strip: Jeff Roysdon
Friday, Jan 2
Guest strip by Drew Weing
Monday, Jan 5
Keep on Rockin' Roast Beef
Tuesday, Jan 6
Three Riddles Home From Hell
Wednesday, Jan 7
Philippe and the Crab's Soul
Thursday, Jan 8
Personals Peepee
Friday, Jan 9
Ray's Personal Ad / Low Shenanigan
Monday, Jan 12
The Roomba Robot Vacuum
Tuesday, Jan 13
The Yahoo Ham Hack
Wednesday, Jan 14
Honking Bus, Rusty Bikes
Thursday, Jan 15
The Pepperidge Farm Man
Friday, Jan 16
Roast Beef Self-Origami
Monday, Jan 19
Two Roombas / Star Wars
Tuesday, Jan 20
Roomba Cinema
Wednesday, Jan 21
Barry Bass and His Marriage
Thursday, Jan 22
Barry's a Complainer
Friday, Jan 23
Barry Bass at Beef's House
Monday, Jan 26
Like it or not, you like it
Tuesday, Jan 27
Kissin' Molly Ringwald on the Titties
Wednesday, Jan 28
Neiman Marcus
Thursday, Jan 29
Philippe 4 Prez
Friday, Jan 30
Mr. Poopytime

February 2004

Monday, Feb 2
Philippe, The Candidate, is Five
Tuesday, Feb 3
Ray's Old Videos
Wednesday, Feb 4
Thursday, Feb 5
Todd's KISS Tattoo
Friday, Feb 6
Bitches Gotta Take They Cunt Pills
Monday, Feb 9
Rerun: January 27, 2003
Tuesday, Feb 10
Todd's Unfortunate Background
Wednesday, Feb 11
The Finding Nemo Party
Thursday, Feb 12
A Phone Call to Drabble
Friday, Feb 13
Ray's Guitar Hobby
Tuesday, Feb 17
John J. Rambo
Wednesday, Feb 18
Beef Gets a Shirt from Molly
Thursday, Feb 19
Sex Limo/Spongebob
Monday, Feb 23
Ray's Hemorrhoid
Tuesday, Feb 24
Raymo Smookels
Wednesday, Feb 25
Vlad's Problem With Andy
Friday, Feb 27
Homosexuals The Gorilla

March 2004

Monday, Mar 1
Storyline Revisited: November 4, 2002
Tuesday, Mar 2
Piano Prodigy
Wednesday, Mar 3
Lazarus the Business Loafer
Thursday, Mar 4
Lazarus the Business Shoe
Friday, Mar 5
Renal Failure
Monday, Mar 8
Pussy Booger
Tuesday, Mar 9
Timmy the Stem Cell
Wednesday, Mar 10
Only liberals like The Cure
Thursday, Mar 11
Leopold, Brother of Lazarus, Son of Lucien
Friday, Mar 12
Leopold's Story
Monday, Mar 15
Leopold and Lazarus Mad Shoe Confrontation
Tuesday, Mar 16
Ray is a Blubbering Animal
Wednesday, Mar 17
Thursday, Mar 18
Euro Trip 2
Friday, Mar 19
Bruichladdich Tasting
Monday, Mar 22
Tuesday, Mar 23
Berlin Sex Museum
Wednesday, Mar 24
Philippe Imagines Himself Into Death
Thursday, Mar 25
Doin' Berlin Ray-Style
Friday, Mar 26
Homeless and Penniless in Berlin
Sunday, Mar 28
Ray's Newspaper Suit
Tuesday, Mar 30
Ray's Perpetual Motion Device
Wednesday, Mar 31
The Lambda Manifesto

April 2004

Thursday, Apr 1
John and Deanster
Monday, Apr 5
Philippe in Edinburgh
Tuesday, Apr 6
Philippe and the Hibbies
Wednesday, Apr 7
Philippe in York
Thursday, Apr 8
Philippe: London day One
Monday, Apr 12
Rerun of Feb 27, 2003
Tuesday, Apr 13
Reprint of January 7, 2003
Wednesday, Apr 14
Marijuana Phone Booth
Thursday, Apr 15
Losing it in A-minor
Monday, Apr 19
Ray Smells Like Farted-In Vinegar
Tuesday, Apr 20
The Hangover Ham
Wednesday, Apr 21
Whale Music
Thursday, Apr 22
Dunk Oil
Friday, Apr 23
Leaving Germany
Monday, Apr 26
Mr. Bear - Harlequin Romance Novelist
Tuesday, Apr 27
Ray's Romance Novel by Rick Dorado
Wednesday, Apr 28
Todd's Romantic Audio-Book
Thursday, Apr 29
Friday, Apr 30
Baba O'Riley

May 2004

Monday, May 3
The Isosceles Lock
Tuesday, May 4
Gusano Rojo
Wednesday, May 5
The Adult Film Industry
Thursday, May 6
Tuck Me In Jack Daniels
Friday, May 7
Peter and the Wolf
Monday, May 10
Chris Isaak Appreciation Club
Tuesday, May 11
Ray Quits Smoking
Wednesday, May 12
Lyle Builds Philippe's Dream Car
Thursday, May 13
Onstad's First Foray Into Comics
Friday, May 14
Return of Chucklebot
Monday, May 17
Roomba Cinema: Wrath of Khan
Tuesday, May 18
Microsoft Word
Wednesday, May 19
Pinewood Derby
Thursday, May 20
Yo Mama's So Fat
Friday, May 21
Friends Season Finale
Monday, May 24
Computer Science/Dennis Quaid
Tuesday, May 25
Dennis Quaid Memorabilia
Wednesday, May 26
Uncle Culpepper Comes to Visit
Thursday, May 27
Pregnant F/X
Friday, May 28
Little Nephew and the Hand of Dixie

June 2004

Tuesday, Jun 1
Culpepper meets Tina
Wednesday, Jun 2
Emeril and Spongebath
Thursday, Jun 3
Chickenheads Eating Domino's Crazy Stix
Friday, Jun 4
Shootout in the ER
Monday, Jun 7
An Uncanny Burlesque
Tuesday, Jun 8
It is so fun to be with the dudes.
Wednesday, Jun 9
Thursday, Jun 10
Goodbye Culpepper
Friday, Jun 11
Steely Dan
Monday, Jun 14
Tuesday, Jun 15
Heaven/Earth Reciprocal
Wednesday, Jun 16
Philippe's Campaign Platforms
Thursday, Jun 17
The President of Mexico
Friday, Jun 18
The Murder Commission
Monday, Jun 21
Roast Beef the Funk Fairy
Tuesday, Jun 22
Ray's Yttrium Pool Table
Wednesday, Jun 23
Pat's abs
Thursday, Jun 24
Pimm's/A system of Glenfidditch
Monday, Jun 28
Little Nephew and the Goths
Tuesday, Jun 29
Wednesday, Jun 30
Ray is a Goth Bootsy Collins

July 2004

Thursday, Jul 1
Philippe and the Pope
Friday, Jul 2
9 New Blogs
Tuesday, Jul 6
The Godfather of Souls
Wednesday, Jul 7
Nice Pete To the Rescue
Thursday, Jul 8
The Death Sound
Friday, Jul 9
The MoviePhone Defense
Monday, Jul 12
The Hummer and the Damage Done
Tuesday, Jul 13
The Mountain and the Motorcycle
Wednesday, Jul 14
The MILF-man
Thursday, Jul 15
Roast Beef Shoe Shopping
Monday, Jul 19
The 18th Amendment
Tuesday, Jul 20
Wednesday, Jul 21
SaniTaco Single Serving Prep Counter
Thursday, Jul 22
C.O.P.S. Achewood
Friday, Jul 23
SaniTaco and Nugget magazine
Monday, Jul 26
Nugget Reader Response
Tuesday, Jul 27
Mr Bear is humming hell of ditties
Wednesday, Jul 28
Molly and Beef Talk Like Dogs
Thursday, Jul 29
Ray Gets a Butler
Friday, Jul 30
Waterbury The Butler

August 2004

Monday, Aug 2
The Somn-onanist
Tuesday, Aug 3
Tommy The Tummy
Wednesday, Aug 4
Born In The USA
Thursday, Aug 5
Special Agent M-9
Monday, Aug 9
Roast Beef and the Community College
Tuesday, Aug 10
Wednesday, Aug 11
Achewood Community College - Electives!
Thursday, Aug 12
Mickey Mouse Pancake
Monday, Aug 16
Roomba: Abraham Lincoln
Tuesday, Aug 17
Roomba Cinema and the Invention of Photoshop
Wednesday, Aug 18
Reissue of October 14, 2003: Kids Wear Pants Too Low.
Thursday, Aug 19
Reissue of April 14, 2003: First Piece of Porno
Friday, Aug 20
It's a...Judas Priest Friday
Monday, Aug 23
Theatre of Thoughts
Tuesday, Aug 24
Philippe Solves Homelessness
Wednesday, Aug 25
Beef and Molly, place of their own
Friday, Aug 27
Beer Can Chicken Recipe
Monday, Aug 30
Philippe the Talking Toilet
Tuesday, Aug 31
Bensington Butters

September 2004

Wednesday, Sep 1
Roast Beef's Snoring Problem
Thursday, Sep 2
Roast Beef's Atom Bomb Dream
Friday, Sep 3
Baby Bling
Tuesday, Sep 7
Callipygian Women
Wednesday, Sep 8
Tubby Tabby Terrorizes Throne
Thursday, Sep 9
Friday, Sep 10
Ray and Beef Chat
Monday, Sep 13
Johnny Cash Dead One Year
Wednesday, Sep 15
Cilantro-ape Ceviche
Thursday, Sep 16
Ottawa Modified Death Company
Monday, Sep 27
Todd's call from prison
Tuesday, Sep 28
Nice Pete at Support Group
Wednesday, Sep 29
Teodor's Vanity Albums
Thursday, Sep 30
Wiener Babies at Applebees

October 2004

Friday, Oct 1
Third Anniversary Strip
Monday, Oct 4
Roast Beef's Medical Experiments
Tuesday, Oct 5
Roast Beef Did Not Sleep Well
Wednesday, Oct 6
Vice Presidents Are Go!
Thursday, Oct 7
The Philippe Times
Friday, Oct 8
Emeril and Spongebath at The Smoke
Monday, Oct 11
Dewey Defeats Truman Dunnage
Tuesday, Oct 12
The Tenmen
Wednesday, Oct 13
Taco Bell Police Scanner
Thursday, Oct 14
Magical Sex Blokes
Friday, Oct 15
Ray's Damon/Affleck art installation
Tuesday, Oct 19
Cookbooks by Celebrity Wives
Wednesday, Oct 20
Beef/Molly cold feet
Thursday, Oct 21
The Playboy Advisor
Friday, Oct 22
Monday, Oct 25
Countries That Sound Like Porn Stars
Tuesday, Oct 26
Pat and the Playboy Advisor
Wednesday, Oct 27
Rouged Plastic Asshole
Thursday, Oct 28
Chewbacca Getting Ready for Prom
Friday, Oct 29
Molly's New Roommate

November 2004

Monday, Nov 1
Ray's Fedora/Adult Diaper Rash
Tuesday, Nov 2
Roast Beef Lies About Eating Bran
Thursday, Nov 4
Mickey Mouse's Suicide
Friday, Nov 5
Bowling Alley Funeral
Monday, Nov 8
Great Expectations AIBO
Tuesday, Nov 9
Beef and Weldon Aibo
Wednesday, Nov 10
Coprophiliac Turkey
Thursday, Nov 11
Friday, Nov 12
Fluff my hog
Monday, Nov 15
Pat wants Ray's gun
Tuesday, Nov 16
Scan of first character study page
Wednesday, Nov 17
I am the LAW and I am the LASH
Thursday, Nov 18
Moving in with Ray
Friday, Nov 19
Samuel H. Invisible
Monday, Nov 22
Cornelius Is Grappa-Shot
Tuesday, Nov 23
Twenty Thousand Seconds Dead
Wednesday, Nov 24
Mr. Bear's Waiting Room
Friday, Nov 26
Piss Shiver
Monday, Nov 29
Llewellyn Ash, baby
Tuesday, Nov 30
Burritos/Oral Sex

December 2004

Thursday, Dec 2
Pat is quick to generalize
Friday, Dec 3
Pat is on the radio again!
Monday, Dec 6
Beef is not Lenny Kravitz
Tuesday, Dec 7
Apologies to Pat
Thursday, Dec 9
Roast Beef's 'Zine
Friday, Dec 10
Beatles Rat
Monday, Dec 13
Grocery Shopping With Ray
Wednesday, Dec 15
Mr. Bear's gig writing closed captioning
Thursday, Dec 16
Parade of Mechanical Sex
Monday, Dec 20
Primal Manes/Gazelle Kebabs
Tuesday, Dec 21
More Mane Men
Wednesday, Dec 22
Judi Dench's Three Pound Underwear
Thursday, Dec 23
No Mane For Cornelius
Friday, Dec 24
Sullivan's Bear and Dried Bird
Monday, Dec 27
Charlie Brown, you died
Wednesday, Dec 29
Philippe shaves his head
Friday, Dec 31

January 2005

Monday, Jan 3
Map of Achewood Overground
Tuesday, Jan 4
Police Blotter, 9/8/1932
Wednesday, Jan 5
Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline
Friday, Jan 7
Fuck You
Monday, Jan 10
It's a Go (To)fuck Yourself Monday
Tuesday, Jan 11
Two Thousand Flushes
Wednesday, Jan 12
Todd has become fat!
Thursday, Jan 13
Todd Shanks Pat
Friday, Jan 14
Shank Appreciation
Monday, Jan 17
Web Comics ruin the party
Tuesday, Jan 18
Party II: The Quickening
Thursday, Jan 20
Vlad's Latest Subway Venture
Friday, Jan 21
Beef as Lloyd Dobler
Monday, Jan 24
Heartbeatzz / The Shitandle
Tuesday, Jan 25
Nice Pete's bible fan fiction
Wednesday, Jan 26
Tummy Meth
Thursday, Jan 27
Ray gets sort of stoned
Friday, Jan 28
Ray is high under the table

February 2005

Tuesday, Feb 1
The cat is so high he sells his lawnmower on eBay.
Wednesday, Feb 2
Click Robot - Screw You, Man
Thursday, Feb 3
Click Robot adjustments
Friday, Feb 4
Scenes from a party
Monday, Feb 7
Little Nephew and Teodor Discuss Spaghetti
Wednesday, Feb 9
The Great Wayans Brother Cookbook Issue
Thursday, Feb 10
Tha Snazzle / Burger King Chat Room
Friday, Feb 11
Monday, Feb 14
Ray's horribly delivered joke about priests and mailmen
Wednesday, Feb 16
Ray's Joke about the Gay Taliban Lawyer
Thursday, Feb 17
Bloody Mary Bong
Friday, Feb 18
Vaginal Intercourse!
Monday, Feb 21
Contest to Hate Paris Hilton The Most
Tuesday, Feb 22
Ray Plays the Worst Strip Poker
Wednesday, Feb 23
How things are with Beef and Molly
Thursday, Feb 24
Someone Pressed on Roast Beef's Head!
Monday, Feb 28
Friendship Lane

March 2005

Tuesday, Mar 1
Ray Sets Off The Clapper
Wednesday, Mar 2
The Sewage of Sodom
Thursday, Mar 3
Satan Will Smite You...Where it Counts
Friday, Mar 4
Pat, Banjo, Roast Beef, Quick-Onset Diabetes
Monday, Mar 7
The Conniptions
Tuesday, Mar 8
Pat and the Banjo
Wednesday, Mar 9
Moby's Tomatohol Car
Thursday, Mar 10
Pat's Heart of Darkness - Outer Ring
Friday, Mar 11
Let's Say Good Stuff About Ray's Dick
Monday, Mar 14
Paternity Leave, Day One
Tuesday, Mar 15
Paternity Leave, Day Two
Wednesday, Mar 16
Paternity Leave, Day Three
Thursday, Mar 17
Paternity Leave, Day Four
Friday, Mar 18
Paternity Leave, Day Five
Tuesday, Mar 22
The New Baby
Thursday, Mar 24
Philippe's New Walk-Around Butt
Friday, Mar 25
Ray and the Catholic Recipes
Tuesday, Mar 29
Lyle and Ray's Perfect Jays
Thursday, Mar 31
Mexican Yeyo Boys

April 2005

Friday, Apr 1
Map of Achewood Underground, panel 1 of 2
Monday, Apr 4
A Call From Japan Man
Tuesday, Apr 5
Map of Achewood Underground, panel 2 of 2
Wednesday, Apr 6
Philippe Babysits
Monday, Apr 11
Bead Shop
Tuesday, Apr 12
Cancelling the joint company
Thursday, Apr 14
Japan Man: Some Background.
Friday, Apr 15
Paris Hilton's PR agency
Monday, Apr 18
Lyle Shoots Ray's Car
Tuesday, Apr 19
Humorous Baby Onesies
Thursday, Apr 21
Roast Beef's Birthday 2005
Friday, Apr 22
Kut-Me Ups
Monday, Apr 25
Lyle's Trannie Sex Gig
Tuesday, Apr 26
How To Order Wine
Wednesday, Apr 27
What Philippe Dreams About / Cake
Thursday, Apr 28
Téodor dies.
Friday, Apr 29

May 2005

Monday, May 2
Lyle's Longshoreman's Heimlich on Téodor
Wednesday, May 4
Ray Channels Einstein
Thursday, May 5
Ray as Einstein
Monday, May 9
Ray, Einstein and Hiroshima
Tuesday, May 10
1978 Volvo 244 GLE...OF DESPAIR
Thursday, May 12
Harlequin Romance To-Do List
Friday, May 13
Philippe Times Friday Facts
Monday, May 16
Volvo of Despair part Two
Tuesday, May 17
Volvo of Despair / Cornelius
Thursday, May 19
Lesser works of Christo
Friday, May 20
Téodor's Rock'n'Roll Shit Fugue
Monday, May 23
Beef Steals Volvo of Despair
Tuesday, May 24
Busking Skeletons
Wednesday, May 25
Ben Stiller's concept about Emily Dickinson
Tuesday, May 31
Roast Beef Has Nothing To Lose.

June 2005

Wednesday, Jun 1
King Chochacho
Friday, Jun 3
Beef Dons the Chochacho Medallion
Monday, Jun 6
Volvo Closure
Tuesday, Jun 7
Circus Penis
Thursday, Jun 9
Circus Penis / Seven Dollars
Monday, Jun 13
Téodor the SoftBoy
Tuesday, Jun 14
Onstad has a birthday
Wednesday, Jun 15
Rod Huggins
Friday, Jun 17
Rod Huggins II
Monday, Jun 20
Maximum Cuddles with Rod Huggins
Tuesday, Jun 21
Roast Beef's parking ticket
Wednesday, Jun 22
Porno Graduation Day
Thursday, Jun 23
The Break-Dance Move that Lie Bot Taught Philippe
Friday, Jun 24
More Friday Fun Facts!
Monday, Jun 27
Bowling With Philippe
Wednesday, Jun 29
Ray's Trans Am PDA
Thursday, Jun 30
Roast Beef's Mom Shoots His Dad

July 2005

Friday, Jul 1
Roast Beef Riverspotting
Monday, Jul 4
Trivial Pursuit - Achewood Edition
Tuesday, Jul 5
Philippe and the Skeleton
Wednesday, Jul 6
The Ray Card
Thursday, Jul 7
Bible Advertising
Friday, Jul 8
Support Group...Did Pat Cry?
Monday, Jul 11
Jack White
Tuesday, Jul 12
The Toyota Tailgate Phenomenon
Wednesday, Jul 13
The most important email in the world
Friday, Jul 15
Roomba Cinema: Star Wars
Monday, Jul 18
Roast Beef's I Got Problems website
Tuesday, Jul 19
Pat: Trials of Honour
Thursday, Jul 21
Philippe and the Hole to China
Friday, Jul 22
Little League Drinks
Monday, Jul 25
Philippe's Car: Calvin Peeing in the Toilet
Tuesday, Jul 26
Beef gets caught looking at tits
Wednesday, Jul 27
Necklace or Cleavage?
Friday, Jul 29
Circus Penis Has Left the Building

August 2005

Monday, Aug 1
Nice Pete finishes his book
Wednesday, Aug 3
Ray's Toy Truck
Thursday, Aug 4
Ray steps in dog shit
Friday, Aug 5
August's Friday Fun Facts
Monday, Aug 8
Lyle's Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Tuesday, Aug 9
Ray Insulted Russell Simmons?
Thursday, Aug 11
Todd wants to yell BALLS extremely loud
Friday, Aug 12
Simon Calls! (Pat's Father)
Monday, Aug 15
Discount Rehab at the Dementia Arms
Tuesday, Aug 16
Get Your Leech On
Thursday, Aug 18
p o u l t r y ;
Friday, Aug 19
Friday Facts from Around the World
Monday, Aug 22
Philippe's Birthday
Tuesday, Aug 23
Roast Beef bangs a website
Wednesday, Aug 24
Nice Pete and the Garage Chicken
Thursday, Aug 25
Friday, Aug 26
Ray's Nipple Rings
Tuesday, Aug 30
Roast Beef and the Hull
Wednesday, Aug 31
Pat's New Bumper Sticker

September 2005

Thursday, Sep 1
Roast Beef's Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Friday, Sep 2
Handicap Access
Tuesday, Sep 6
Home Depot Sauces
Wednesday, Sep 7
The Bloatee
Friday, Sep 9
Pat's Aquarium
Monday, Sep 12
George Clooney is Learning Coptic
Tuesday, Sep 13
Cartilage Head
Wednesday, Sep 14
Dinner With Cartilage Head
Friday, Sep 16
Cartilage Head Offers Wine
Monday, Sep 19
Cartilage Head and the Whispering Saw
Tuesday, Sep 20
Cartilage Head: Grand Finale.
Wednesday, Sep 21
921 Elden
Thursday, Sep 22
Proved Myself a Coward.
Monday, Sep 26
Lyle Lovett/Kraftwerk rating
Tuesday, Sep 27
Roast Beef's Science Show on Cable TV
Wednesday, Sep 28
Jaime the Science Friend - taping
Thursday, Sep 29
Jaime Backlash

October 2005

Monday, Oct 3
Jaime's invitation from the KKK
Tuesday, Oct 4
Hi-larious racialist hayoomah!
Wednesday, Oct 5
Ray's apology about the KKK thing
Thursday, Oct 6
Milklin the Jehovah's Witness
Friday, Oct 7
Philippe Times - October
Monday, Oct 10
Milklin's other jobs
Tuesday, Oct 11
Ray gives Milklin The Hose
Wednesday, Oct 12
Roast Beef Tries to Help Milklin
Thursday, Oct 13
Milklin's ad in Reminisce Magazine
Friday, Oct 14
Ray Holds Own Heart
Monday, Oct 17
Ray and MENSA
Wednesday, Oct 19
King Piss!
Thursday, Oct 20
Ray's Harlequin Costume
Friday, Oct 21
Whiskey a la Mood
Monday, Oct 24
Tuesday, Oct 25
Cornelius Bear's Lemony Snicket gig
Wednesday, Oct 26
Pat and the KPMA Gripe of the Day 2005
Thursday, Oct 27
Guinness book of world records
Friday, Oct 28
Jeepers Creepers

November 2005

Tuesday, Nov 1
Ray's Halloween Costume
Wednesday, Nov 2
Ray's Comic Strip
Thursday, Nov 3
Charley Smuckles Suicide Watch '05
Friday, Nov 4
Ray Discovers Little Nephew
Monday, Nov 7
Teodor's Parkour Interlude
Tuesday, Nov 8
Ray sees Téodor as intellectual
Wednesday, Nov 9
Return of Showbiz
Thursday, Nov 10
Showbiz digs in
Monday, Nov 14
Showbiz has the skitters
Tuesday, Nov 15
Rockford Fosgate II
Wednesday, Nov 16
Showbiz and the Notice of Collections II
Thursday, Nov 17
Holiday Gift Preview 2005
Friday, Nov 18
Friday Facts for November
Monday, Nov 21
Showbiz and the analog clock
Tuesday, Nov 22
Showbiz eats all the gum
Wednesday, Nov 23
Goodbye, Showbiz.
Tuesday, Nov 29
Wednesday, Nov 30
Pat's CheatLoaf

December 2005

Friday, Dec 2
The flivver and the Hardy Boys
Monday, Dec 5
Ray has Happy Feet
Tuesday, Dec 6
Ray's old-school glass of milk
Thursday, Dec 8
Nice Pete's voice actor audition
Friday, Dec 9
Fuck You Friday for December 2005
Monday, Dec 12
Ray's mom senses diabetes
Wednesday, Dec 14
Ray writes to Reader's Digest
Friday, Dec 16
Ray parks like a bitch
Monday, Dec 19
Too early for pants
Wednesday, Dec 21
Téodor in the warehouse
Friday, Dec 23
Pat's eco-telligent best-stitutes
Monday, Dec 26
Achewood Winter Break 2005, Day 1
Tuesday, Dec 27
Achewood Winter Break 2005, Day 2
Wednesday, Dec 28
Achewood Winter Break 2005, Day 3

January 2006

Monday, Jan 2
Coming in 2006...
Tuesday, Jan 3
Lyle's sink bath
Wednesday, Jan 4
What Do They Dream About: Téodor
Thursday, Jan 5
Téodor the Téletubby
Friday, Jan 6
Ray's Prison Pen Pal
Tuesday, Jan 10
Helicopter Head Chop Off
Wednesday, Jan 11
Todd's Ana-Tomix
Thursday, Jan 12
Ana-Tomix nuts for your phone
Friday, Jan 13
Solo, by ChatSack with Karl Lagerfeld
Monday, Jan 16
Ray's Mom Calls
Tuesday, Jan 17
Ray Lies About Christmas Cards and Children
Wednesday, Jan 18
Mrs. Smuckles and the Rib-eye
Friday, Jan 20
Roast Beef and Mrs. Smuckles
Monday, Jan 23
Pat and Mrs. Smuckles
Wednesday, Jan 25
Friday, Jan 27
Rodney Leonard Stubbs
Tuesday, Jan 31
Envelópe Martinez

February 2006

Wednesday, Feb 1
Meet Envelópe Martinez
Friday, Feb 3
Beef is Ray's Great Outdoor Fight Roadie
Monday, Feb 6
Ray and Beef to Fight
Tuesday, Feb 7
Beef in the Fight
Wednesday, Feb 8
Gossipy hot dog chef
Thursday, Feb 9
The Day Before The Fight
Monday, Feb 13
Queueing for the Fight
Tuesday, Feb 14
Wednesday, Feb 15
Meeting Ron Sipes
Thursday, Feb 16
Beating Ron Sipes
Friday, Feb 17
Ted Cobb and Barry King
Monday, Feb 20
Sound and Motion
Tuesday, Feb 21
Barry King's Blog
Wednesday, Feb 22
Guaranteed Honky-Tonk-Style blowjob
Friday, Feb 24
Fauntleroy Brown, the other BOC
Monday, Feb 27
Lyle threatens to play a trumpet with his cock

March 2006

Wednesday, Mar 1
Summons to Turkey
Thursday, Mar 2
Turkeys and Brandy
Friday, Mar 3
Ray in the Snack Tent
Tuesday, Mar 7
Beef is Out of the Fight
Wednesday, Mar 8
The Cody Travis Army
Friday, Mar 10
Done at Rudy Cava
Tuesday, Mar 14
Ramses Luther, Rodney Leonard
Wednesday, Mar 15
Outside the Grounds
Friday, Mar 17
Talking with Ramses
Monday, Mar 20
Alright, let's go to the Jeeps
Tuesday, Mar 21
The Jeeps take the field
Wednesday, Mar 22
Commanding the Wrangler
Thursday, Mar 23
Burning Down the Acres
Friday, Mar 24
Leaving the Acres
Tuesday, Mar 28
Uncle George's
Thursday, Mar 30
Great Outdoor Fight - Final Strip

April 2006

Monday, Apr 3
The brave little Dutch boy / Lie Bot
Wednesday, Apr 5
Philippe and the Couch
Friday, Apr 7
Philippe eats Chapstick
Tuesday, Apr 11
Philippe's creekbed bedside
Thursday, Apr 13
Philippe in the Blackness
Friday, Apr 14
Forgot to tuck in Philippe
Monday, Apr 17
Philippe is missing!
Tuesday, Apr 18
Trashspotters catching up with Philippe
Thursday, Apr 20
Zell and Cory, back-story
Friday, Apr 21
Philippe, King of the Dumps
Monday, Apr 24
Tuesday, Apr 25
Emeril and Beef abandon Téodor
Thursday, Apr 27
Téodor and the Smut Door
Friday, Apr 28
eBay Platinum Reserve

May 2006

Monday, May 1
Ray has Airwolf
Tuesday, May 2
The Airwolf GUI Shortcomings
Wednesday, May 3
Ray Kills Philippe
Friday, May 5
Philippe imagines God
Monday, May 8
How couches actually think
Wednesday, May 10
Keith Moon's Head Alive
Friday, May 12
Keith Moon's Alive Head
Tuesday, May 16
Robert Smith's phone call to Téodor
Wednesday, May 17
Achewood Award for Google
Thursday, May 18
Beef and Molly Cell Phone Chat
Friday, May 19
Roast Beef's Aluminum Underpants
Monday, May 22
The vestigial dong.
Tuesday, May 23
Scientific dong study
Wednesday, May 24
Téodor is Sci-Fi Curious
Thursday, May 25
The Boys Are Back In Town
Tuesday, May 30
Trouble in the Pool House of Good and Evil
Wednesday, May 31
Page from Beef's Zine

June 2006

Thursday, Jun 1
Page 2 from Beef's Zine
Friday, Jun 2
The Mega-nerds!
Monday, Jun 5
Ray's SuperWoofer
Wednesday, Jun 7
Magic Underpants Finale
Thursday, Jun 8
Friday, Jun 9
Badass Games Day 1
Tuesday, Jun 13
Badass Games Event 2
Wednesday, Jun 14
Miami's Review
Friday, Jun 16
Badass Games, Car Quiz
Monday, Jun 19
Magnus Intactus
Wednesday, Jun 21
Cornelius wins the badass games
Friday, Jun 23
Cornelius's Old-School Gothic Bus
Monday, Jun 26
Ray's neighbor problem / pissing into empties
Wednesday, Jun 28
Ray's Drawing Therapy
Friday, Jun 30
Cornelius's Mensa Gig

July 2006

Monday, Jul 3
Pimp Skitters
Wednesday, Jul 5
The Lyle / Todd con
Friday, Jul 7
Morally Challenging Hot Sauce
Tuesday, Jul 11
Beef's depressing celebrity-obituary job
Wednesday, Jul 12
Roast Beef's workout tape
Thursday, Jul 13
Leo Fontanette
Friday, Jul 14
Leo Fontanette and the Corn Field
Monday, Jul 17
Leo's Funeral Plans
Tuesday, Jul 18
The Mike Stonetower School
Wednesday, Jul 19
Todd is on the Fuck Plan
Friday, Jul 21
The camera is bad to Beef.
Tuesday, Jul 25
George Michael and the shrubbery
Wednesday, Jul 26
Ray at Whole Foods
Friday, Jul 28
Téodor's Camera Tests
Monday, Jul 31
Magical realism camera from Mexico

August 2006

Wednesday, Aug 2
Dreamwheel And The Child
Friday, Aug 4
Simon arrives in Achewood
Monday, Aug 7
Gladdington Castle
Wednesday, Aug 9
Simon calls Pat for coffee
Friday, Aug 11
Pat's Armor Comes Off
Monday, Aug 14
Pat is Completely out of the closet
Wednesday, Aug 16
Takin' it in the can
Thursday, Aug 17
Achewood baby edition
Friday, Aug 18
Ray and Téodor golf chat about gay Pat
Monday, Aug 21
The Brothers In The Syndicate
Wednesday, Aug 23
Beef and the Rally Cars
Thursday, Aug 24
Excerpt from Beef's Zine no. 2
Friday, Aug 25
Please Fuck Ray Friday
Monday, Aug 28
Converted diesel car
Tuesday, Aug 29
Yo mama jokes
Thursday, Aug 31
Roomba Cinema - Eraserhead

September 2006

Friday, Sep 1
ROOMBA CINEMA - Pump Up The Volume
Tuesday, Sep 5
Saddest Thing Tri-reduxtastic
Wednesday, Sep 6
Ray's Magreaux Dog
Thursday, Sep 7
It winds down for Ray
Friday, Sep 8
Sanryobuki RemoteMed Trio
Monday, Sep 11
Auf Deutsch
Wednesday, Sep 13
Ray's Sex Life, with Pat
Thursday, Sep 14
Philippe's Mystery Story
Friday, Sep 15
Ray Understands Computers
Monday, Sep 18
Tuesday, Sep 19
Little Nephew and the Vaseline
Thursday, Sep 21
Bensington Butters' dark secret
Friday, Sep 22
Scooby and Scrappy
Monday, Sep 25
Ray calls O'Malley, Private Eye
Tuesday, Sep 26
Magical Realism cell phone
Thursday, Sep 28
Bensington cheaps on the copter to Cabo
Friday, Sep 29
The helicopter sprouts legs

October 2006

Monday, Oct 2
Helicopter Longlegs
Tuesday, Oct 3
Characters, Warehouse
Wednesday, Oct 4
Warehouse II
Friday, Oct 6
Enter the Warehouse
Monday, Oct 9
Meeting Lonis F. Edison
Wednesday, Oct 11
Lonis Edison's Ketchup Plans
Thursday, Oct 12
Friday, Oct 13
TGI Judas Priest Friday
Monday, Oct 16
Roast Beef and the News
Tuesday, Oct 17
The Baying Hematite
Thursday, Oct 19
Reprogramming Bensington
Friday, Oct 20
Philippe Friday Facts Fall 2006
Monday, Oct 23
Bensington as shirtless Irish jump-dancer
Tuesday, Oct 24
Lyle's hat trick
Wednesday, Oct 25
Ray Walks Home From Mexico
Friday, Oct 27
Friday Facts - Nudity
Monday, Oct 30
Philippe invents the Dogcken
Tuesday, Oct 31
Look into Ray's eyes while he pees

November 2006

Wednesday, Nov 1
Beef's Zine No. 3 - excerpt
Friday, Nov 3
Téodor's Romance Novel
Monday, Nov 6
Chinese People / Delicacies
Tuesday, Nov 7
Erotic Wine Tasting
Thursday, Nov 9
Todd forgot to hibernate
Friday, Nov 10
Junk Plucker
Monday, Nov 13
When geniuses and trucking collide.
Tuesday, Nov 14
Jack and Diane Party
Wednesday, Nov 15
Roast Beef's Odor
Friday, Nov 17
Emeril vs. Jesus
Monday, Nov 20
Beef's Anti-Depression Lamp
Tuesday, Nov 21
Ray's Chinese Delicacy.
Wednesday, Nov 22
Ray Against Unnecessary Faxes
Monday, Nov 27
Nice Pete's Sketchbook
Wednesday, Nov 29
Ray's Stupid Cell Phone Conversation
Thursday, Nov 30
Molly's Tiffany Slut Gift

December 2006

Friday, Dec 1
Lyle, Pornography, Rent
Monday, Dec 4
Meg White NAKED
Tuesday, Dec 5
Beef, Depression, Toast
Wednesday, Dec 6
Vlad's SPICE gig
Friday, Dec 8
Friday Facts December 2006
Monday, Dec 11
Mister Band
Wednesday, Dec 13
Ray signs Mister Band
Thursday, Dec 14
Antonyne Cheops Smuckles
Friday, Dec 15
Antonyne Cheops, Man of Claims
Monday, Dec 18
Story of Rustmouth and Silent Bird Wallace
Tuesday, Dec 19
Aloisius, Stone Bird
Thursday, Dec 21
Rustmouth and Silent Bird
Friday, Dec 22
Pete has Music Hair
Tuesday, Dec 26
Mister Band Lyrics

January 2007

Tuesday, Jan 2
Ray's Gay Romance Novel
Wednesday, Jan 3
Lyle is demoted from Mister Band
Thursday, Jan 4
The Lyle-Téodor Swap
Friday, Jan 5
Ray wants weed from Téodor
Monday, Jan 8
Making light of Nice Pete's musical sensibilities
Tuesday, Jan 9
Ray invents hip-hobbit.
Thursday, Jan 11
The Wizard Dined on Coelacanth.
Friday, Jan 12
Nice Pete's iKill
Monday, Jan 15
Nice Pete's call with Hajul the EE
Tuesday, Jan 16
Nice Pete gets stabbed in the head
Wednesday, Jan 17
Nice Pete's ass gets stabbed
Thursday, Jan 18
Ray plays Whac-A-Mole at life
Monday, Jan 22
Ray as the New Jesus
Tuesday, Jan 23
Zine 4 outtake
Thursday, Jan 25
Quail Bible
Friday, Jan 26
Molecular Gastronomy
Monday, Jan 29
Speed Bumps
Tuesday, Jan 30
Wednesday, Jan 31
Ray Glocks a Cow

February 2007

Friday, Feb 2
Too Depressed to Grocery Shop
Monday, Feb 5
Tuesday, Feb 6
Polack Magazine
Thursday, Feb 8
Todd back from heaven
Friday, Feb 9
Lyle's Vinegar Ablution
Monday, Feb 12
Cornelius's Special Bowl
Tuesday, Feb 13
Ray's New Google Logo
Thursday, Feb 15
Ray's Urine
Friday, Feb 16
Philippe Goes Deaf
Tuesday, Feb 20
Ass to Breast Man
Wednesday, Feb 21
The Ass-Breast Test
Thursday, Feb 22
Breast Man Perks
Friday, Feb 23
The WalletPen!
Monday, Feb 26
The Julie and Julia Strip
Tuesday, Feb 27
al-Qaeda Cook Book
Wednesday, Feb 28
Roast Beef Flowchart

March 2007

Thursday, Mar 1
Ray's Flowchart
Friday, Mar 2
Lyle's Friday Flowchart
Monday, Mar 5
Leon Sumbitches
Wednesday, Mar 7
Jewish Supplies
Thursday, Mar 8
Writing to Leon Sumbitches
Friday, Mar 9
Reply from Leon
Monday, Mar 12
Hearing Back from Leon Sumbitches
Tuesday, Mar 13
Calling out Leon
Thursday, Mar 15
Meeting Dr. Leon Adoso Sumbitches
Friday, Mar 16
Good bye, Leon Soom Beh Cheh
Monday, Mar 19
Pat Reynolds Flowchart
Wednesday, Mar 21
Reinventing Gay Porn
Thursday, Mar 22
Rampin' up the Gay Porn Biz
Friday, Mar 23
Monday, Mar 26
Oskar and Reiner's Schvitz Party
Tuesday, Mar 27
Can I Get Off To This?
Wednesday, Mar 28
The Gay Porn/Moonwalk Analogy
Thursday, Mar 29
Reinventing Gay Porn Take 2
Friday, Mar 30
Gary Sinise Will Not Be In This Gay Porn

April 2007

Monday, Apr 2
Getting Through to Simon Cowell
Tuesday, Apr 3
Superimposing Rod Huggins
Wednesday, Apr 4
Directing Rod Huggins
Thursday, Apr 5
Ray Breaks On Through To The Other Side
Friday, Apr 6
Unbathing Rod
Tuesday, Apr 10
Pat's Chance Encounter With Rod Huggins
Wednesday, Apr 11
Bad porn.
Thursday, Apr 12
Rod and Pat at the Diner
Friday, Apr 13
Friday Facts - Ray Came Over
Monday, Apr 16
Ray Commissions a Romance Novel
Tuesday, Apr 17
Spanking the President for Cash
Wednesday, Apr 18
Todd's Flowchart
Thursday, Apr 19
Vlad Flowchardt
Monday, Apr 23
Slow pitch softball
Tuesday, Apr 24
Beef's Baseball Conditions
Wednesday, Apr 25
Thursday, Apr 26
Ray's Excellent Bat
Monday, Apr 30
The First Pitch

May 2007

Tuesday, May 1
Nightlife's opening pitch
Wednesday, May 2
The Extent of Ray's Injuries
Thursday, May 3
Andretti's Assessment
Friday, May 4
Friday Facts - Ray's Condition
Monday, May 7
Ray's Afternoon Therapy
Wednesday, May 9
Ray has finished his retardancy
Thursday, May 10
The Slow-pitch Softball of the Heart
Friday, May 11
Fuck You Friday - Pat Edition
Monday, May 14
Chris's Sick Day
Tuesday, May 15
Wednesday, May 16
Ugliest Yard Contest Day Two
Thursday, May 17
Operation Horrible Front Yard
Monday, May 21
How Much of The Man is Beef
Tuesday, May 22
Proposal dry-fires
Wednesday, May 23
Love On Paper
Friday, May 25
Popping in to the Dude and Catastrophe
Tuesday, May 29
Ray Pens His Wedding Toast
Wednesday, May 30
Chevy Ford Wo's
Thursday, May 31
The Wise Points of the Crudgens, Considered

June 2007

Friday, Jun 1
Spreading the Love
Monday, Jun 4
The Ring.
Tuesday, Jun 5
The chick cares about the dude when the dude does not care about the dude
Wednesday, Jun 6
Thursday, Jun 7
Nick Hornby said it first
Friday, Jun 8
Yet Another Alternative Energy Source
Monday, Jun 11
California Bridegroom
Tuesday, Jun 12
MWY no. 5 excerpt
Wednesday, Jun 13
Marriage got to get paid, son.
Friday, Jun 15
Wedding Registry
Monday, Jun 18
Even Gouging Pat a Little
Tuesday, Jun 19
Help, My Friend is a Church!
Thursday, Jun 21
Don't Change, Man.
Friday, Jun 22
Friday Facts - Lyle's New Glasses
Monday, Jun 25
Ray's Baseball Card
Tuesday, Jun 26
The Etiquette of Death by Helicopter
Thursday, Jun 28
New Bidet
Friday, Jun 29
Molly's Father

July 2007

Monday, Jul 2
Lyle's Baseball Card
Tuesday, Jul 3
Performance/Pay Inequalities
Thursday, Jul 5
Comic Sans
Friday, Jul 6
Friday Facts / Fig You Friday edition
Monday, Jul 9
Can I has Cheezburger
Tuesday, Jul 10
This is one of the worst cat mistakes.
Thursday, Jul 12
The Ugly Thoughts
Friday, Jul 13
Philippe's Baseball Card
Monday, Jul 16
No One is Less Important Ever than a Teenager
Tuesday, Jul 17
Lolcat Scratch Fever!
Wednesday, Jul 18
Ray's Lolcat Regrets
Thursday, Jul 19
The Childhood Drum
Friday, Jul 20
Friday Facts - Sports Edition
Monday, Jul 23
Ray Bests Up on Beef.
Wednesday, Jul 25
Whiskey Dick, Examined
Thursday, Jul 26
Lyle's Children's Book
Monday, Jul 30
Saddest Thing IV
Tuesday, Jul 31
K-Y Jelly

August 2007

Thursday, Aug 2
German Lessons
Friday, Aug 3
Well changed rural test from a lady
Wednesday, Aug 8
Is Roast Beef a butthole?
Thursday, Aug 9
Hyype Therapy with Chaka
Friday, Aug 10
Ray's Chaka Session con't
Monday, Aug 13
Philippe Times Monday Science Section
Tuesday, Aug 14
Téodor's interior monologue
Thursday, Aug 16
What Ray Thought About Today
Friday, Aug 17
Roast Beef's Initial Considerations
Monday, Aug 20
Tuesday, Aug 21
Leaving Fiesta Max
Wednesday, Aug 22
Philippe's 5th Birthday Party
Friday, Aug 24
The Butcher's Diagram
Monday, Aug 27
Lyle in Traffic Court
Wednesday, Aug 29
Téodor's Flowchart
Thursday, Aug 30
Nice Pete's Flowchart

September 2007

Tuesday, Sep 4
Time is the only magic
Wednesday, Sep 5
An Uncomfortable Problem We've All Experienced.
Friday, Sep 7
Ray's Drawing Problem
Monday, Sep 10
Mr. Bear's Junk Mail Folder
Wednesday, Sep 12
The Cornelius Thought and Decision Minder
Thursday, Sep 13
Philippe's Inner Machinations
Monday, Sep 17
Ray's Merkin
Tuesday, Sep 18
Bubble Gum
Thursday, Sep 20
A Bra.
Friday, Sep 21
Fuck You Friday September Twenty-First
Monday, Sep 24
Todd's Late Night Show
Tuesday, Sep 25
Todd's Skit Ideas
Wednesday, Sep 26
Todd's Contract
Friday, Sep 28
Delicious Coke Shake

October 2007

Monday, Oct 1
Our Sixth Anniversary.
Tuesday, Oct 2
The Future
Thursday, Oct 4
Managing Todd
Friday, Oct 5
The Candle that Didn't Need Wind
Monday, Oct 8
Leaving Las Vegas
Tuesday, Oct 9
Time to Get the Juicy Dirty Tell-All Started
Thursday, Oct 11
Bill Gates Fan Fiction
Friday, Oct 12
Friday Acts
Monday, Oct 15
The Todd Show, ep 1
Tuesday, Oct 16
The Todd Show, ep 1 pt 2
Wednesday, Oct 17
Todd Show Finale
Friday, Oct 19
Wrap-up Call
Tuesday, Oct 23
Being Teodor Orezscu
Wednesday, Oct 24
Cooling it with a rental
Thursday, Oct 25
The Rad Day
Friday, Oct 26
Facts Enough for the Weekend.
Monday, Oct 29
The Writer.
Tuesday, Oct 30

November 2007

Thursday, Nov 1
Halloween Candy
Friday, Nov 2
When Best Friends Talk
Monday, Nov 5
Ray's Japanese Toilet
Wednesday, Nov 7
Philippe Inquires About Homosexuality
Thursday, Nov 8
Guinness Book
Monday, Nov 12
Searching for one's self on eBay
Tuesday, Nov 13
He Meets Him.
Wednesday, Nov 14
Guy Talk
Friday, Nov 16
Friday Facts - Get Tough Edition.
Monday, Nov 19
Ramses is a Master of Many Crafts
Tuesday, Nov 20
He Got it From Father.
Wednesday, Nov 21
The Last Hardy Boys Book.
Monday, Nov 26
When a Lady Does a :(
Tuesday, Nov 27
Ray Knows From Deuces.
Thursday, Nov 29
Lyle's Dildo
Friday, Nov 30
The Perky Pervert

December 2007

Monday, Dec 3
Wednesday, Dec 5
The terrible fear revisited
Thursday, Dec 6
Key Words
Friday, Dec 7
Philippe's king equipment
Monday, Dec 10
Why Did You Hit The Computer
Tuesday, Dec 11
Pay attention.
Thursday, Dec 13
Friday, Dec 14
Friday Facts, with a light horse theme.
Monday, Dec 17
Courtesy. It's catching.
Wednesday, Dec 19
Evening Ink
Thursday, Dec 20
The Needle and the Damage Done
Friday, Dec 21
Presumed hard and left for absent.
Monday, Dec 24
Reissue - Little Nephew's Hip-Hop Pants
Wednesday, Dec 26
Reissue - The Mountain and the Motorcycle
Thursday, Dec 27
Reissue - Killing is Like Basketball
Friday, Dec 28
Reissue - Ray Gets Sort of Stoned

January 2008

Wednesday, Jan 2
Ray's Annual Book.
Thursday, Jan 3
Stephen Hawking
Friday, Jan 4
The Amazon Package
Monday, Jan 7
The Kid Computer
Wednesday, Jan 9
Rough miles and raw whiles
Friday, Jan 11
Another Man's Way
Monday, Jan 14
Wednesday, Jan 16
Million Story Building
Friday, Jan 18
Microsoft Spatchcock Supper
Monday, Jan 21
There is a New Mayor
Wednesday, Jan 23
Thursday, Jan 24
Friday, Jan 25
The Perfect Idea.
Monday, Jan 28
Ray hits his stride.
Wednesday, Jan 30
The Dude Keeps Declaring.
Thursday, Jan 31
A Call from Sondra.

February 2008

Monday, Feb 4
Ray Covers His Bases
Tuesday, Feb 5
Mopey Téodor
Thursday, Feb 7
Roomba Cinema, Pulp Fiction Edition
Friday, Feb 8
Love Among the Chioggia
Monday, Feb 11
Choosing the Right Tea.
Tuesday, Feb 12
Inside the Mind of Sondra Smuckles
Thursday, Feb 14
Valentine's Day.
Monday, Feb 18
The Achewood Generator
Tuesday, Feb 19
The Transatlantic Cable
Thursday, Feb 21
The Kid Who Ended The Mafia.
Friday, Feb 22
Harper's 27 Women.
Thursday, Feb 28
Touch of Grey.
Friday, Feb 29
Making the Rent

March 2008

Monday, Mar 3
Nice Pete begins A Marvelous Romance
Tuesday, Mar 4
Philippe's Text Adventure
Thursday, Mar 6
Dungeons and Dragons Explained
Friday, Mar 7
An Afternoon With Molly Sanders
Monday, Mar 10
Knuckleheads Magic Adventure
Tuesday, Mar 11
Ray's Penance.
Thursday, Mar 13
Showbiz Weighs In On The Wedding
Friday, Mar 14
First Dance
Monday, Mar 17
One for the Brits.
Tuesday, Mar 18
The Joys of Formula One
Thursday, Mar 20
Philippe at Laszlo's
Friday, Mar 21
To their dismay, this happens.
Monday, Mar 24
Roast Beef and the Prostitute
Wednesday, Mar 26
Breast Implants.
Thursday, Mar 27
Hangin' Out Readin'
Friday, Mar 28
1950s Ethical Technology

April 2008

Tuesday, Apr 1
Cornelius's New Computer
Wednesday, Apr 2
The New Laptop Arrives.
Thursday, Apr 3
Booting the Shrovis.
Friday, Apr 4
Problems With the Shrovis.
Tuesday, Apr 8
Chatting With Mr. Teal
Wednesday, Apr 9
The Return of Mr. Teal
Thursday, Apr 10
Burying Keith the Publican
Friday, Apr 11
Cornelius in the Cooler
Tuesday, Apr 15
Getting Boffined
Wednesday, Apr 16
The Boffin.
Thursday, Apr 17
Fetching Cornelius
Friday, Apr 18
Fetching Cornelius II
Tuesday, Apr 22
The Mad Dash of The Boffin
Wednesday, Apr 23
Roomba Cinema - A Clockwork Orange
Thursday, Apr 24
Beef's Stationery Issues
Friday, Apr 25
The Kazekzakis Card Company.
Tuesday, Apr 29
Stationery - Rapid Growth Phase.
Wednesday, Apr 30
Universal Card for Dudes.

May 2008

Thursday, May 1
Shake That Money Maker
Friday, May 2
Dan in the Morning
Tuesday, May 6
Waylaid in Texas
Wednesday, May 7
An Appreciated Man
Thursday, May 8
The Man From C.H.I.V.A.S.
Friday, May 9
Wealth Intervention
Tuesday, May 13
Wednesday, May 14
Pizza Parlor Fantasy
Thursday, May 15
Ray's New Biographer
Friday, May 16
Plied with fine music
Tuesday, May 20
Nice Pete, Amanuensis.
Thursday, May 22
The Resignation of the Amanuensis.
Friday, May 23
Wedding Invitation.
Tuesday, May 27
Beef's Bachelor Party - Planning Stages
Thursday, May 29
Martha Stewart Weddings
Friday, May 30
A Look Inside...Roast Beef Weddings

June 2008

Tuesday, Jun 3
Wedding Menu
Wednesday, Jun 4
Wedding Vows
Thursday, Jun 5
The Pre-Nup
Tuesday, Jun 10
The R.S.V.P.
Wednesday, Jun 11
Picking Up Showbiz at the "Airport"
Thursday, Jun 12
See That You Do.
Friday, Jun 13
T-minus Three Weeks.
Tuesday, Jun 17
The Serious Men of Bread Convene.
Wednesday, Jun 18
Forever Hold Your Peace.
Thursday, Jun 19
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Friday, Jun 20
Bachelor Pre-Party.
Tuesday, Jun 24
Wedding Menu Redux.
Wednesday, Jun 25
In the Home Stretch.
Thursday, Jun 26
Home Stretch - The Board Game
Monday, Jun 30
Bachelor Party

July 2008

Tuesday, Jul 1
Guests Trickle In.
Wednesday, Jul 2
Closing in on Love.
Thursday, Jul 3
Penultimate Wedding Montage
Monday, Jul 7
Flop Sweat.
Tuesday, Jul 8
A Winter Son.
Thursday, Jul 10
The Guests Gather.
Friday, Jul 11
On Rails.
Tuesday, Jul 15
The Math.
Thursday, Jul 17
Reception Scene One.
Friday, Jul 18
Reception Scene Two.
Tuesday, Jul 22
Exeunt Ramses.
Thursday, Jul 24
Blunderbuss Comix No. 1
Friday, Jul 25
Blunderbuss Comix No. 2
Tuesday, Jul 29
Thursday, Jul 31
Knuckleheads to the Minute

August 2008

Friday, Aug 1
Tuesday, Aug 5
Wednesday, Aug 6
Progeny Dialectic.
Friday, Aug 8
Crosswalk Karma.
Monday, Aug 11
Good Country Decorum.
Friday, Aug 15
The Lyle Creation Myth
Tuesday, Aug 19
Educating Philippe.
Wednesday, Aug 20
Philippe's Birthday.
Friday, Aug 22
In The End, We Are All T.A.F.
Monday, Aug 25
Rod Huggins Morning Flowchart.
Tuesday, Aug 26
Senior Portrait.
Wednesday, Aug 27
Thursday, Aug 28
Tina's MBA.

September 2008

Tuesday, Sep 2
Belly Button.
Wednesday, Sep 3
This Is Not A Strip!
Friday, Sep 5
Patching Up a Friend.
Tuesday, Sep 9
Medical Discretion.
Wednesday, Sep 10
From the Pages of Gentleman's Quarterly
Thursday, Sep 11
Circumstances of the Heart.
Friday, Sep 12
It's a Fuck You Friday!
Tuesday, Sep 16
The Extrication Plot
Friday, Sep 19
En Route to the Radisson.
Tuesday, Sep 23
Meeting Prince Kharmoud Halat
Thursday, Sep 25
Summit of the Kinky Minds.
Saturday, Sep 27
Enter the Commodore.

October 2008

Wednesday, Oct 1
Exit the Commodore.
Monday, Oct 6
Philippe's Halloween Costume
Wednesday, Oct 8
That tired old election year Canada claim.
Monday, Oct 13
The Last Time You Make Love
Wednesday, Oct 15
At Larry Borgioni's The Cheetah Room.
Friday, Oct 17
Monday, Oct 20
Escape velocity.
Thursday, Oct 23
Sussin' Connie
Monday, Oct 27
Morning at the Parallel Corral
Wednesday, Oct 29
In Point of Fact.

November 2008

Saturday, Nov 1
Tattoo discussion.
Tuesday, Nov 11
Catching Up.
Saturday, Nov 15
A Little More Catching Up.
Monday, Nov 17
A Proposed Dinner Party.
Thursday, Nov 20
Ray's Dinner Party
Sunday, Nov 23
The Boy Who Saved the Airplane
Wednesday, Nov 26
Deconstructing Ray Smuckles.

December 2008

Tuesday, Dec 2
Under the Hood.
Thursday, Dec 4
Flubbus Interruptus.
Tuesday, Dec 9
The Mise en Place of Love.
Monday, Dec 15
Enter the Sous Vide.
Thursday, Dec 18
Because I Got Depression.
Monday, Dec 22
Wednesday, Dec 24
Christmas Eve 1981

January 2009

Tuesday, Jan 6
Coming in 2009
Monday, Jan 12
The Visible Heel of Adam Smith

February 2009

Monday, Feb 2
Genteel Wherewithal
Wednesday, Feb 4
Professor Gabriel
Friday, Feb 6
It's a Fuck You Friday.
Wednesday, Feb 11
Always Visit the Right Man.
Friday, Feb 13
A New Friend.
Monday, Feb 16
Phrase Out of Water.
Thursday, Feb 19
Sideburn Generator.
Saturday, Feb 21
Roast Beef's stomach needs a name. How about Greg? Or Nick. Or Nestor.
Tuesday, Feb 24
Fixing the Economy
Thursday, Feb 26
Performance Anxiety

March 2009

Monday, Mar 2
Distributed Homeboys
Thursday, Mar 5
The Pocket Dial.
Tuesday, Mar 10
The Actual Story of Lyle.
Thursday, Mar 12
Darlene and Lyle.
Sunday, Mar 15
Understanding Darlene.
Tuesday, Mar 17
The Firebrand and the Firewater.
Wednesday, Mar 18
History as Commodity
Friday, Mar 20
The Wii Manifesto
Monday, Mar 23
Vlad's Coup.
Wednesday, Mar 25
Ray on the Vlad Show.
Friday, Mar 27
Pat on the Vlad Show.

April 2009

Wednesday, Apr 1
Téodor on the Vlad Show.
Friday, Apr 3
Darlene and the Baja.
Wednesday, Apr 8
Bead and Breakfast
Thursday, Apr 9
Four Misuses of Civic Property
Friday, Apr 10
Friday Facts, Birthday Edition!
Monday, Apr 13
Peter, Paul, and Mary
Sunday, Apr 19
The Farm Has a Nickname For Its Rooster
Monday, Apr 20
Roast Beef's Tone Poem
Thursday, Apr 23
The Carcinoslippery Slope.
Sunday, Apr 26
Taking Pat and Rod's Vacation Mail
Tuesday, Apr 28
Wales, 1676
Thursday, Apr 30
When Simple Worlds Collide.

May 2009

Monday, May 4
Romanticized Sketch of the Birth of the Nacho.
Friday, May 8
Monday, May 11
The Reluctant Minstrel
Wednesday, May 13
The New Polyprofligates.
Friday, May 15
Coaching Padrig.
Tuesday, May 19
A Dangerous Sense of Entitlement to Artificial Comforts Pervades.
Friday, May 22
A Certified Letter.
Tuesday, May 26
Ray in the Public Storage.
Saturday, May 30
The Finest Stone in Wales.

June 2009

Tuesday, Jun 2
Winning Lloyd Over.
Thursday, Jun 4
A Complication Involving Sheep.
Wednesday, Jun 10
Emergency Origin Myth for Charley, Etc
Sunday, Jun 14
The Men Take a Selfish Aside.
Monday, Jun 15
A mis-step.
Thursday, Jun 18
A Return to Smucklewood Manor.
Tuesday, Jun 23
Cornelius on Facebook.
Sunday, Jun 28
The Moonwalk Has Come to a Full and Complete Stop.
Tuesday, Jun 30
Philippe - A Love Romance.

July 2009

Thursday, Jul 2
Monday, Jul 6
Getting High On One's Own Supply.
Wednesday, Jul 8
A Letter from Williams-Sonoma.
Monday, Jul 13
Cornelius Abdicates the Throne.
Thursday, Jul 16
Ray's Lousy Sapphic Erotica Gets Called Out.
Saturday, Jul 18
Chuck Seizes the Metric by its Jugular.
Tuesday, Jul 21
Téodor accidentally pleads his case.
Thursday, Jul 23
Téodor pulls a Dignity.
Monday, Jul 27
Master of Ceremonies.
Wednesday, Jul 29
He Stands On No Ceremony.

August 2009

Sunday, Aug 2
The Contest Begins.
Wednesday, Aug 5
Roast Beef, He Falls. Fine.
Thursday, Aug 6
Two cards.
Monday, Aug 10
How to Not Hold On.
Thursday, Aug 13
A Courteous Primer.
Monday, Aug 17
Seat Z-1.
Thursday, Aug 20
OnStar to the Rescue
Tuesday, Aug 25
Who is the Cat / in the Yurdish Dying Hat?
Thursday, Aug 27
Monday, Aug 31
Karmic Cycle.

September 2009

Thursday, Sep 3
My One Big Day Off.
Friday, Sep 4
Roast Beef Takes a Gamble
Tuesday, Sep 8
Of Head Wounds and Identity.
Saturday, Sep 12
Don't Want Today? Then Flip the Switch Negative on Today.
Tuesday, Sep 15
Thanatos Has Left the Building.
Monday, Sep 21
Tone Unsuited to Subject.
Wednesday, Sep 23
The Man Weathers No Editor.
Monday, Sep 28
Striptease Greenhorn
Wednesday, Sep 30
Vocation, or, a Calling from God.

October 2009

Monday, Oct 5
That Man is a Business.
Friday, Oct 9
Don't Load That Gun.
Wednesday, Oct 14
The First Guy to Do That
Saturday, Oct 17
Sorry this took so long.
Wednesday, Oct 21
Easter Egg!
Friday, Oct 23
Narpissus and Oldmund
Wednesday, Oct 28
Friday, Oct 30
The Bro-mance Days.

November 2009

Monday, Nov 2
Maakies Guest Strip
Saturday, Nov 7
Chilling with Lee Sungjae.
Sunday, Nov 15
How It's Going!
Thursday, Nov 19
Think of the Children.
Tuesday, Nov 24
Everything You Do Is Wrong

December 2009

Tuesday, Dec 1
Posting in parts. A test.
Thursday, Dec 3
Part Two.
Saturday, Dec 5
To Go Online, Or Not.
Thursday, Dec 10
The Pope Does Not Know Any Sluts.
Friday, Dec 18
The Semiotics of Cultural Self-disregard
Monday, Dec 21
Tuesday, Dec 22
Out-of-Character Komix No. 1!
Wednesday, Dec 23
Out-of-Character Komix No. 2!
Thursday, Dec 31
2009 In Review.

January 2010

Monday, Jan 4
Predictions for 2010
Thursday, Jan 7
Roomba Cinema Presents James Cameron's Avatar.
Friday, Jan 8
Fuck You Friday No. 1, 2010
Friday, Jan 15
Small Times. A Look.
Sunday, Jan 17
Toxic User Culture
Friday, Jan 22
Sunday, Jan 31
Pat, I Am Like You Now.

February 2010

Tuesday, Feb 2
Two Hearts Beat as One
Saturday, Feb 6
Tuesday, Feb 16
Philippe, Entrepreneur.
Monday, Feb 22
Shirley Temple
Sunday, Feb 28
Find Something You Like and Copy it.

March 2010

Wednesday, Mar 3
It's Just Business.
Wednesday, Mar 10
He Will Get Inside Its Head.
Friday, Mar 12
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.
Tuesday, Mar 16
He Calls Himself Yojimbo.
Friday, Mar 19
Tuesday, Mar 23
Revenge of Yojimbo
Friday, Mar 26
Available Balance.
Tuesday, Mar 30
What Is Home

April 2010

Friday, Apr 2
Pockets Full of Sand
Tuesday, Apr 6
Leg One.
Thursday, Apr 8
Leg Two.
Friday, Apr 9
She'll Call You Back.
Tuesday, Apr 13
The Arithmetic.
Thursday, Apr 15
Waking Up At Home.
Saturday, Apr 17
Back From Early Mass.
Thursday, Apr 22
Monday, Apr 26

May 2010

Tuesday, May 4
The Finger-Pointers.
Sunday, May 9
Considerations Far and Wide
Tuesday, May 11
Your High School Name
Friday, May 14
Michael's Song
Tuesday, May 18
Mayner and Lurquilla
Friday, May 21
American Graffiti
Monday, May 24
The Other Walk of Shame.
Wednesday, May 26
Monday, May 31
Tiene Mas Pompas

June 2010

Friday, Jun 4
At Denny's.
Tuesday, Jun 8
Go For It
Thursday, Jun 10
Shades of Darlene.
Friday, Jun 18
The Test.
Tuesday, Jun 22
Darren's Lament
Monday, Jun 28
The Unhinged Narrator.

July 2010

Sunday, Jul 4
This is THE van ride of 2010.
Friday, Jul 9
Van Me One More Time.
Thursday, Jul 15
I'm Proud of You.
Sunday, Jul 25
Operation Chernchilla Schlep

August 2010

Tuesday, Aug 3
Emeril is also an Objecto-Solipsist.
Thursday, Aug 12
Tuesday, Aug 24
Citizen Roomba

September 2010

Friday, Sep 10
Another Lovely Fuck You Friday.
Thursday, Sep 23
Back to Where We Left Off.
Thursday, Sep 30
Some Play Checkers, Some Play Chess

October 2010

Monday, Oct 18
Diverting Peter C.

November 2010

Friday, Nov 5
It's All He Can Do
Thursday, Nov 18
Honest Man Comix

December 2010

Thursday, Dec 2
President of the Bad Answer Club
Friday, Dec 10
How To Be Happy

January 2011

Wednesday, Jan 5
2011 Predictions

February 2011

Sunday, Feb 20
The Hiatus

November 2011

Wednesday, Nov 23
Ray In Rehab

December 2011

Monday, Dec 5
At The Hospital.
Wednesday, Dec 14
In the Henhouse

January 2012

Tuesday, Jan 3

February 2012

Thursday, Feb 2
Creating Achievements
Friday, Feb 3
At Henrietta V. Noniscani
Thursday, Feb 9
The Laser Printer
Monday, Feb 20
Street Sheet

March 2012

Tuesday, Mar 13
Interlocking Sevens

April 2012

Sunday, Apr 1
Pizza Party, Maintenance Man
Tuesday, Apr 3
Who Shaved Ray?
Friday, Apr 13
Out From The Waiting Room

May 2012

Monday, May 14
Saturday, May 19

June 2012

Wednesday, Jun 20
Six Tickets to the Same Organ

August 2013

Friday, Aug 9
Pain is a man with a name.
Thursday, Aug 15
Bass Club
Friday, Aug 23
Friday, Aug 30
Getting Well

September 2013

Friday, Sep 6
Whiskey Shits
Monday, Sep 9
Sex Boxx
Friday, Sep 20
Fuck You Friday - Fuck For Gasoline
Friday, Sep 27

October 2013

Friday, Oct 4
Nice Pete's Woman Breakthrough
Friday, Oct 11
Philippe's Will
Friday, Oct 18
Friday, Oct 25
Old School

November 2013

Friday, Nov 1
Friday, Nov 8
These Are The Good Old Days
Friday, Nov 15
Uterine Embolism
Friday, Nov 22
Most Honorable Puberty

December 2013

Friday, Dec 6
Penny In a Fountain
Friday, Dec 13
Punk Rock, Motherfucker
Friday, Dec 20
The Thin Slice is the Deepest Slice

January 2014

Friday, Jan 3
To Be Someone Must Be a Wonderful Thing
Friday, Jan 10
Hash Browns
Friday, Jan 17
The National Sentence Council Returns
Friday, Jan 24
Penny Meets Philippe
Friday, Jan 31
The Classic Freekeh-Chiah Interlude

February 2014

Friday, Feb 14
Cerberus has spoken
Friday, Feb 21
To Chambers

March 2014

Saturday, Mar 1
First Kiss
Tuesday, Mar 18
Backfilling a Life
Friday, Mar 21
Fuck You Friday - Office Smells Edition

April 2014

Monday, Apr 7
Spring is in the air – Ramses edition

December 2015

Thursday, Dec 24
Fuck You Friday - Q-Tips and Aurelius

January 2016

Friday, Jan 1
Nude Helsinki
Friday, Jan 8
Maniacs At The Curb
Friday, Jan 15
Ray Goes Paleo
Friday, Jan 22
Charlie Brown Returns
Friday, Jan 29
Lemmy's Death Is Our New Roommate

February 2016

Friday, Feb 5
Roast Beef's Coffee Situation
Friday, Feb 19
Bikini Barista
Friday, Feb 26
Philippe For President 2016

March 2016

Friday, Mar 4
The Latest News About Hitler's Cock
Friday, Mar 11
Beef's Password Screen
Friday, Mar 18
The Good Old Days
Friday, Mar 25
Tis My Taint Cream

April 2016

Friday, Apr 1
Man Bun
Friday, Apr 8
Showbiz, Traveler of the Frontage Roads
Friday, Apr 15
The Harvard Study
Friday, Apr 22
Dieting Conversations

May 2016

Friday, May 6
Ray explains abortion to a child
Friday, May 13
Improv With Beef
Friday, May 20
The Five-Minute Journal
Friday, May 27
Roast Beef's Relationship Flowchart

June 2016

Friday, Jun 3
The Soda Wars
Friday, Jun 10
Roomba Cinema - The Right Stuff
Friday, Jun 17
Ray Sleeps Through Sondra's Birthday

July 2016

Friday, Jul 1
Ray is grousing about alcoholism
Friday, Jul 8
Teodor discovers Cheryl Strayed's yard sale of thoughts
Friday, Jul 15
Five Minute Journal II
Friday, Jul 22
It's Not Special When You Smile
Friday, Jul 29
Showbiz on the outskirts

August 2016

Friday, Aug 12
Mini Golf For The French
Friday, Aug 19
Todd Yells Balls, 1 of 2
Friday, Aug 26
Todd Yells BALLS, Finale

September 2016

Friday, Sep 9
Marijuana is not Coffee
Friday, Sep 16
Boozeless Flirting
Friday, Sep 23
Ray and T Redesign Education
Friday, Sep 30
Getting high is our responsibility

October 2016

Friday, Oct 7
Pat's Parking Tickets
Friday, Oct 21
Fuck You Friday, Health Concerns Edition
Friday, Oct 28
Philippe President Flash-Forward

November 2016

Friday, Nov 11
Ray stands up for himself
Friday, Nov 18

December 2016

Thursday, Dec 1
Safe Zones
Friday, Dec 9
Zauberpunkt Licorice Nubs
Sunday, Dec 25
End of Golden Tabloid